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Storytelling Project

Pedaling around on a bike is a safe and healthy activity. Bicyclists, in fact, tend to suffer lower fatality rates (measured in time exposed), than those participating in other common activities such as car use, swimming, and snowmobiling.

In reality, though, the sense of vulnerability many people feel while on a bike discourages them from riding. And crashes do occur, often as a result of reckless and dangerous behavior by motorists.

We are currently collecting stories from survivors -- bicyclists involved in crashes with automobiles. We also would like to hear from the survivors of bicycling loved ones involved in fatal crashes with automobiles. Lastly, please share stories about close calls, harassment, or intimidation by drivers while bicycling on Michigan roads.

Through this storytelling project, we hope to collect personal stories that focus on the human element of bicycle/auto crashes, and gather information about how these cases are ultimately handled by the legal system.

Sharing your story could help:

  • Advance policy initiatives
  • Contribute to educational efforts to advance the Share MI Roads campaign
  • Protect other bicyclists in the future

Please use the short form below to share your story to help us make Michigan a more bicycle-friendly state. We strongly encourage you to answer each of the questions in as much detail as possible.






Share MI Roads is a campaign developed by the League of Michigan Bicyclists in collaboration with a diverse network of partners.
Share MI Roads is supported through funding by Transportation For Michigan, individual donors, and sponsors.